Freedom of Association: Resources


Essential Principles

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Recommended Films
“No” (2012). Directed by Pablo Larraín.


Economist magazine. Topics Index: Tunisia. See, e.g.: 
“Tunisia After Elections: Spring is Still in the Air.” October 25, 2015.
“Tunisia’s Coming Elections: The Dealmaking Begins,” June 24, 2014.
“Tunisia’s Constitution: It Still Sometimes Feels Like Spring,” January 16, 2014.
“The Salafist Struggle.” January 1, 2014.
“Let the Scent of Jasmine Spread,” Leader.”January 11, 2011.

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Nobel (the official website of the Nobel Prize)
     Presentation of Nobel Peace Prize to the National Dialogue Quartet (Dec. 10, 2015).
     Nobel Prize Lecture delivered by the National Dialogue Quartet members (Dec. 10, 2015).

Tunis Times

Open Democracy.Net
"The Heritage of Farhat Hached Sixty Years After His Assassination.” by Rob Prince. December 5, 2012.


Economist magazine. Topics Index: China.

The New York Times
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