Economic Freedom: Resources


Essential Principles

Economic Policy Institute (home page).  

Heritage Foundation. Index of Economic Freedom: (link) 

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The American Political Science Review. 53, 1 (Mar., 1959). pp. 69-105. (link)
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Transparency International (home page). 

UN Development Report 2015 (link).  


The New York Times: World: Times Topics: Estonia.

Estonica, a web encyclopedia produced by the Estonian Institute.

The Wall Street Journal. See, e.g.:
     “An American Ally in Putin’s Line of Fire,” April 4, 2014.
     “Estonia Taps Youth for Next Premier,” March 12, 2014.
     “Estonia: The Role Model for Tech-Enabled States,” August 13, 2013.

The Washington Post
      “New Estonian Government Sworn In,” March 26, 2014

Uncaptive Minds, a journal of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (1987-98, 2015).
     “25 Years After 1989–91: The Case of Estonia.” Tunne Kelam. pp. 22-28. (link). 

US Department of State Human Rights Country Reports (go to current year Country Report drop down menu for Estonia). 


Achebe,  Chinua.  Things Fall Apart (1994) and Anthills of the Savannah (1997). Anchor Books: New York.

Barkan, Joel. “Kenya’s 2013 Elections: Technology Is Not Democracy.” Journal of Democracy, July 2013 (link).

Economist magazine. Topics Index: Kenya. See, e.g.:
     “Kenyan Politics: Rift in the Rift,” January 23,, 2016.

Human Rights Watch, World Report: 2016: Kenya. See also previous year reports

Journalists for Justice (home page). 

Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC). 

Maathai, Wangari
     2004 Nobel Peace Prize Award Speech (December 2004).
     Unbowed: A Memoir. Knopf: New York, 2006.

Ngegwa, Stephen N., "Kenya: Third Time Lucky?" Journal of Democracy, vol. 14, no. 3 (July 2003).

U.S. Department of State Human Rights Country Reports (go to current year Country Report drop down menu for Kenya). 


Economist magazine: Topics Index: Cuba. See, e.g.:
     “Cuba’s Economy: Picturesque but Doing Poorly,” May 16, 2015.
     “Investment in Cuba: Strait Talk,” April 5, 2014.
     “Huber Matos: Revolutionary-Turned Political Prisoner,” March 15, 2014.

The New York Times. World: Times Topics: Cuba. See, e.g.:
     “A Year After Cuba-US Thaw, Obama Says Change Will Take Time,” December 16, 2015.
     “Cuban Vendors, in Rare Move, Stage a Protest,” January 23, 2014.
     “For Black in Cuba, the Revolution Hasn’t Begun,” Sunday Review, March 24, 2013.

Arenas, Reinaldo. Before Night Falls. Translated by Dolores Koch. Penguin: New York, 1994.

Cuba-Europe Dialogues: a publication of the Czech organization People in Need and its International Committee for Democracy in Cuba. Past issues can be found at link.

Generation Y by Yoanni Sanchez.

Ms. Sanchez’s blog (available on the Huffington Post ) is one of the best sources of independent information in Cuba. Her web site is a portal for other independent bloggers. See also: Translating Cuba, a web page translating independent bloggers from Voces Cubanos, as well as 24ymedio, a new online newspaper in Spanish 

Human Rights Watch. World Report: 2015: Cuba.

National Geographic. “Cuba’s New Now” by Cynthia Gorney, November 2012.

US Department of State Human Rights Country Reports (go to current year Country Report drop down menu for Cuba).

Valladares, Armando. Against All Hope: A Memoir of Life in Castro's Gulag. (Encounter Books: San Francisco, 2001.

World Affairs Journal. “The Once Great City of Havana” by Michael Totten.